FENS 2020 Neuroscience Travel Grant
Yesterday, FENS announced the results of the competition for grants to participate in the ХІІ Forum on Neuroscience FENS 2020. The winners are awarded grants equal to their registration fees. For all those, who have received a FENS grant, the NEUROTWIN program can provide assistance in paying an abstract fee. All those, who applied, but did not receive a grant can urgently apply for a grant from the NEUROTWIN program (until 13/05/2020 inclusively). Send your applications to Bizhan Sharopov ( and Nana Voitenko ( Priority will be given to applicants, who have articles that are referenced in PubMed and have a higher cumulative impact factor. In case of equal applicants' results, the decision on the winners will be made by the Council of Young Scientists. The grant will be funded as payment of registration fee and fee for abstract submission. Ukrainian version of this letter is published at Bogomoletz institute of physiology official website.