WP1 is focused on development of a strategy for stepping up scientific excellence and innovation capacity of BIPH in the field of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience. There are three major objectives: 1) To train researchers, especially early stage researchers from BIPH, to scientific approaches including a wide range of multidisciplinary state-of-theart methods in cell imaging, electrophysiology, molecular biology and genetics, in order to reach scientific excellence and ensure future research based on cutting-edge technologies; 2) To improve the staff skills in writing protocols to formalize methods and approaches, making good presentations and establishing successful scientific collaborations; 3) To train research staff members, through expert visits and attendance of scientific meetings, in specifying and focusing their scientific tasks, therebyimproving S&T and innovation capacity of BIPH and linked institutions.
The main objective of WP2 is to improve scientific excellence of early stage researchers including BSc ,MSc and PhD students at BIPH and other Ukrainian graduate schools in a field of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience by means of increasing the level of education of young scientists and students in Ukraine.
The main objectives of WP3 are: 1) To improve the quality of scientific papers and presentations from BIPH, 2) To increase the number of papers published by BIPH in high impact journals, 3) To raise a total citation index of papers published by BIPH researchers.
The main objectives of WP4 are: 1) to promote the knowledge and experience of the BIPH scientists in writing winning applications, 2) to maximise BIPH organisation's chance of grant success, 3) to increase competitiveness of the BIPH researchers in fundraising from international grant bodies and from national and international business organizations, 4) to improve BIPH innovation capacity through infrastructural and training measures in order to commercialise BIPH products and approaches, 5) to enhance the networks and increase the potentials of BIPH researchers to compete in European projects in order to facilitate their cooperation in Horizon 2020 (and preparing for Horizon EUROPE. This will be done through establishing new BIPH infrastructure, training and job-shadowing activities with skilled researchers and project and IPR experts, a school for research managers, thematic workshops as well as support to the newly established NCPs network in Ukraine facilitating an exchange of good practices.
The overall aims of WP5 is: (i) to disseminate the SHEETS of the project to the scientific community; (ii) to communicate effectively with the policy and decision makers, industry and SMEs in Ukraine to explain and persuade them that Neuroscience research creates new jobs, advances science and improves biomedical education and public health. Specific objectives include: 1. Effectively disseminate the SHEETS of the NEUROTWIN project to the scientific community; 2. Increase awareness of legislators, stakeholders and the general public about the importance of Neuroscience research 3. To ensure a well-informed uptake of project results by civil society, to make clear the connection between scientific discovery and level of funding.
The WP6 is focused on building a strong, dynamic, and long-lasting cooperation and expertise to address networking gaps and deficiencies between BIPH and internationally-leading Consortium members. The Project Management will ensure enhance the S&T capacity of the linked institutions, help raise their staff research profile and facilitate dissemination and communication of the project ideas and results. Specific objectives include: 1. To put in place mechanisms to ensure that NEUROTWIN meets its objectives and delivers its results and SHEETS on time, keeping an efficient communication flow between the Participants, and ensuring that robust financial management systems are put in place. 2. To document project development and execution by providing reports contractually required by the EC. 3. To facilitate dissemination and communication of the project ideas and results by means of improvements in meeting and workshop organization at BIPH.