The 20-th of August
NEUROTWIN Annual Meeting results

A project coordinator Nana Voitenko informed Consortium that the first phase of the project was highly successful, with a full approval from the European Commission, scientifically and financially. However, since June 2021, the new administration of Bogomoletz Institute had declined to process financial documents or to provide other administrative assistance related to the project, which is required by the project agreement signed on behalf of the institute. Prof. Voitenko also informed the team leaders about the situation with her controversial dismissal from the Institute on August 19, 2021. In the discussion, Consortium leaders acknowledged that such a situation is clearly not acceptable; it is disruptive and likely in breach of the Ukrainian legislation arising from the EU agreement with Ukraine on Horizon 2020. The latter may have serious consequences for international projects involving Ukrainian institutions. The leaders also understood that the Institute administration had not fulfilled a verbal agreement with the project coordinator by refusing to reemploy her. The leaders decided to urgently appeal for the President of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine to help in this critical situation. Other NEUROTWIN Annual Meeting's results are placed in the fact sheets. Document: Minutes. Annual Meeting at the 20-th of August