Scientific Writing Workshop - ZOOM conference
Speaker: Iryna Tykhonkova, PhD, Customer education specialist, Clarivate

26.10.2020 14:00 - Principles of scientific communication.
Types of scientific literature. Databases of scientific literature: specialized and science-metric on the example of Medline (PubMed) and Web of Science.
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28.10.2020 12.00 - Scientific publication - atomic unit of scientific communication. What does a publication in an international journal give to a scientist? How to choose a good journal for publication? Check the index of the journal in the Web of Science Core Collection.
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02.11.2020 14.00 - Presentation of the scientist's achievements. Author’ profiles and their functions. Difficulties in identifying the achievements of a scientist in databases and how to avoid them. Search for the author in the Web of Science.
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